Duke of Wellington

Current Ales

Cask Ales Available This Week

All subject to change as other beers may have gone at time of updating this section.

Beer % ABV Colour Brewery
Golden Jackal 3.7 Golden Wolf
Edith Cavell 3.7 Light Wolf
Sheep’s Clothing 3.7 Dark Wolf
JHB 3.8 Light Oakham
Jack Spaniels 3.8 Light Gun Dog
Encore 3.8 Light Lacons
Harvest Pale 3.8 Pale Castle Rock
Lavender Honey 3.8 Light Wolf
Summer Swallow 3.9 Light Batemans
Inferno/Citra 4.0/4.2 Light Oakham
Mercy 4.0 Light Great Heck
Orsino 4.0 Light Newby Wyke
BG Sips 4.0 Light Blue Monkey
London Pride 4.1 Medium Fullers
Daggers Ale 4.1 Medium Three Daggers
Lupus Lupus 4.2 Light Wolf
Asteroid 4.3 Light Crouch Vale
Coyote 4.3 Light/Medium Wolf
Splendour 4.3 Gold Navigation
Sirius Dogstar 4.4 Dark Wolf
Ghostship 4.5 Light/Medium Adnams
Bishop’s Farewell 4.6 Light Oakham
Mad Wolf 4.7 Dark Wolf
American Pale Ale 4.7 Light Dark Star
Tasmanian Wolf 5.0 Light Wolf